The Black & White of It

Thrifty Chickadee is all about the black and white of it.  We want to bring you unique pieces with no colorful distractions.  We are bringing in new items daily and we have unique pieces in both locations.


We will be branching out into baby items in the near future.  Our Thieves Market location will be opening a children’s boutique in July.  Watch Facebook for the delivery date announcement soon.  Come by and check out “The Black and White of It”!

Chickadee in Flight


Are You Looking For Some Twinkle Lights

It seem to me that no matter how we design our home, try our best, we have a hard time getting the twinkle right.  We all want that little something the makes the nest POP, light up and give us that warm glow.

For me it is finding the heart of my room and making that vision come true.  The vision is there. I’m just having a hard time finding the twinkle to light the vision.  What I have figured out is that I must have the patience to see the lights appear.  I need to be the Thrifty Chickadee that I am and be selective with the pieces I bring into the nest.  If I do that I will definitely grow the vision.

I like to think that the bird building a nest enjoys the hunt for the strongest most apealing sticks, so in turn the home is solid and beautiful.  She selects with patience and them can relax and enjoy the twinkle lights of her labors.

If you are looking for a particular twinkle or light and are having a hard time finding it, be sure to let me know.  I’d love to help.

Thrifty Chickadee in flight,


A Spring Fling

Get ready…coming soon!

Make a plan to attend this Appreciation Event at Southern Attic!IMG_7057

This will be a fun event, with wonderful door prizes and sales throughout the weekend!  Don’t head over alone, grab your other Thrifty Chickadee friends and family and make a day of it!

Hope to see you there!

Chickadee in flight,


Trying Something New

Hi My Fellow Chickadees,

Recently we moved into our “downsize” home.  I still am moving slow on getting things the way I want them.  The wall paint will come when the school year ends (I am teacher assistant). Until then I am getting the wall decor started and I have always wanted to display the things I love. IMG_6341

I love history and I love vintage plates.  This is my antique tobacco drying rack which dates back about 90+ years.  I wanted to incorporate it in our new home.  Another of my loves is vintage hand painted plates.  IMG_6342

Using these two loves together popped into my head just two days ago and I thought…why not!  Some of the plates pictured here are not vintage but it gives you an idea of how I am Trying Something New.  With this idea I can add plates as my collection grows.  The thing you have to remember is that the only critic that counts is you! My one critique on this is that my paint on the walls isn’t done yet-it will look so much better when that is done.  lol

Be adventurous and Try Something New!

Chickadees in Flight,



Happy New Year 2018!

I can hardly believe that we are in the year 2018!  It is time for some NEW all the way around.  I have recently moved into a NEW home & a NEW sized work space.  I LOVE it, yes it is going to take some organization, but I am already painting two NEW pieces.


The year 2017 brought a NEW booth at Southern Attic, a  NEW job with Autistic Children & NEW surroundings.   I am excited to see the NEW days of 2018 and what they will bring!

Be sure to let me know what hot NEW item you can’t live without, I’ll start the search.  In the mean time-tell me what NEW colors you want to see in 2018.  As always I want to bring you pieces that will complete your Thrifty Chickadee nest.

NEW 2018 goals for Thrifty Chickadee: Bring you some wonderful new pieces.   Incorporate a line in my booths that will enable me to use a portion of the proceeds to support Autism in some way  (Watch for those special tags).  Start a NEW workshop Saturday every quarter to teach a paint/craft class.  Find NEW opportunities to reach others about shopping local.

Do you have a NEW goal to change the look of your nest?  What are your 2018 design goals?  If you don’t know where to start, message us and we will be happy to help you get the ball rolling.  Maybe you have a piece at home that will start the feathers flapping.

Happy NEW Years to you all and may 2018 be your best year ever!  All my happiness & joy to you-may your wings take you to high places in 2018!

Chickadee in flight,


The Big Day is Almost Here…

Our Third Annual Hedingham Holiday Bazaar!

WHO: Thrifty Chickadee/GJ’s Attic & over 30 vendors ( For specific vendors click on the 2017 Hedingham Bazaar page on this website)

WHAT: A wonderful Holiday Bazaar of unique Gift Ideas & A $50.00 Door Prize Drawing

WHEN: Saturday December 2nd, 10:30-4:30.

WHERE: Hedingham Athletic Club & Gym, 2551 Southall Ext. Road, Raleigh, NC 27604 Directions: Bazaar Map

WHY: Because we love to spread holiday cheer! Please join us, we would love to have you in the neighborhood-all are welcome and we hope you bring friends, family & a few strangers here and there!



One Last Look Before the Big Event

We wanted to give you just one last look before the Third Annual Hedingham Bazaar begins.  We will open the doors at 10:30 on December 2nd. Be sure as you walk in you sign up for our $50.00 Door prize drawing! Bring the family and friends to our FREE event! We can hardly wait to see you!

We will be located in the Hedingham Athletic Club & Gym-2551 Southall Road, Raleigh

For additional details be sure to check us out at

Chickadee in flight,